My Writing Journey

When I was thirteen years old I bought my first romance novel. I remember it clearly, that moment when I wandered down a new aisle at Waldenbooks and came face to face with couples in risque clothes and even more risque positions.  I saw a cover I liked, picked it up, and bought it Under Gypsy Skies by Katherine Kramer (yep, that’s it right there, the very same book!) was a portal for me into a new world of happily ever afters and amazing possibilities.  After that there was no going back.  I bought up every historical romance I could […]


Big things will be happening soon!  For now, thank you for visiting! In the meantime, you can find a link to my short story, A Late Bloom, which won the Best in Romance Category for the 2014 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award, here. I hope to see you back here soon!!