With Love in Sight – Bonus Epilogue

(SPOILERS AHEAD!: this epilogue takes places between book one in Christina Britton’s debut Twice Shy series,WITH LOVE IN SIGHT, and book two, THE VISCOUNT’S PROMISE. All content is copyright 2018 by Christina Britton. No part of this may be copied, distributed or printed without the author’s express permission. Thank you!)   WITH LOVE IN SIGHT BONUS EPILOGUE     “I do wish you would go to Madame Lanchester’s for your gown Imogen.” Imogen hid a small smile under the guise of inspecting her stitches on the length of silk in her lap. Her mother, she knew, would not appreciate being […]

The Late Bloom – 2014 Winning Entry, Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction, Romance Category

Pausing at the top of the stairs, Arabella smoothed her skirts with trembling fingers.  As she descended to the first floor of her family’s London townhome she attempted to still her anxiety by concentrating on the silky smooth wood of the banister under her hand.  In the other hand she clasped a worn leather book tightly, pressing it against her unsettled stomach.  Her feet hesitated just a moment before touching down on the plush runner that would take her to the drawing room. It was only then she became aware of the thick, cloying scent of too many hothouse blooms […]

My Writing Journey

When I was thirteen years old I bought my first romance novel. I remember it clearly, that moment when I wandered down a new aisle at Waldenbooks and came face to face with couples in risque clothes and even more risque positions.  I saw a cover I liked, picked it up, and bought it Under Gypsy Skies by Katherine Kramer (yep, that’s it right there, the very same book!) was a portal for me into a new world of happily ever afters and amazing possibilities.  After that there was no going back.  I bought up every historical romance I could […]


Big things will be happening soon!  For now, thank you for visiting! In the meantime, you can find a link to my short story, A Late Bloom, which won the Best in Romance Category for the 2014 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award, here. I hope to see you back here soon!!