Content Warnings

Content warnings are provided for readers who may have issues they wish to avoid. The mental health of my readers is incredibly important, and I will do all I can to make my books a safe space for you. If you come across anything in my books that you believe might need a content warning that isn’t listed below, please use the form on my “Contact” page. Thank you.

My books are considered “steamy”, and all have depictions of sexual acts in varying degrees of explicitness. You can also generally find cursing, drinking, and some form of bullying in most, if not all, of my books. Any other issues that may be of a sensitive nature will be listed below. Please be aware, there may be spoilers.


WITH LOVE IN SIGHT: abusive parent – implied infidelity – death of child (off page) – social anxiety

THE VISCOUNT’S PROMISE: facial scar – implied animal cruelty (off page) – infidelity (off page) – social anxiety – manipulation – child death (off page) – appearance shaming

A MATCH MADE IN LONDON: death of parent (off page) – infant stillbirth (off page) – death of sibling (off page)


A GOOD DUKE IS HARD TO FIND: death of parent (off page) – terminal illness – dying/death – death of spouse (off page)

SOMEDAY MY DUKE WILL COME: stillbirth (off page) – death of parent (off page) – abusive parent

A DUKE WORTH FIGHTING FOR: wounded veteran – facial/body scars – death of spouse – death during battle – PTSD – pregnancy – childbirth (off page) – mention of past physical abuse


SOME DUKES HAVE ALL THE LUCK: Description of past physical and mental abuse – parental death – domestic violence – mention of past bullying – mention of past rape

WHAT’S A DUKE GOT TO DO WITH IT: Parental death (off page) – relative death (off page) – emotional abuse by family member – gunshot wound and amputation (off page) – cruelty by church leader

THE DUKE’S ALL THAT: Abusive parent – insane asylum (off page) – abuses in asylum (off page) – prostitution – fear of parent – carriage accident – addiction – implied emotional trauma of a bird